Today, the NC House Committee on Wildlife cancelled its scheduled meeting for Wednesday, 4/19/17.  Yes, the exact same day dog hunters from across North Carolina have scheduled a trip to the Legislature.  This cancellation does not feel friendly.  Meeting or no meeting, with the momentum created by the filing of House Bill #648, I expect many hunters will arrive in Raleigh ready to “rally”.

I have confidence that many members of the House Committee on Wildlife will welcome visits from hunters.  These hospitable Representatives include the following:

Rep. William Brisson

Rep. Mike Clampitt

Rep. George Cleveland

Rep. Kevin Corbin

Rep. George Graham

Rep. Cody Henson

Rep. Brendon Jones

Rep. Marvin Lucas

Rep. Larry Pittman

Rep. Michelle Presnell

Rep. Michael Wray

Click on the name of the Representative for more information about the Legislator, including his or her office room number.  Remember, four-digit room numbers are in the Legislative Building, 16 W. Jones Street.  three-digit room numbers are in the Legislative Office Building (six-story building), 300 N. Salisbury Street, which can be reached by walking over a pedestrian walkway from the Legislative Building by the Halifax Mall to the Leg.Office Building.  Click here for a map of the area and parking lots.