On Saturday night, 8/26/17,  in Supply, NC, Ray Casteen & his team showed us “how it is done” at the Annual Banquet of the Brunswick County Sporting Dog Association.  A full house enjoyed great food and lots of it.  As their primary fundraiser, this event was packed with famous local pro-dog personalities: NC Senator Bill Rabon, NC Representative Frank Iler, and most of the Brunswick County Commissioners (except one who was traveling out of state).  New Hanover County Commission Chairman Woody White gave an inspirational speech encouraging us to raise up the next generation to treasure our heritage and the sport of hunting with dogs. There were valuable prizes and lots of winners smiling all over the banquet hall. Clubs won for having 100% of their members also joining the BCSDA. Boys and girls won for best dogs. Finalists for best deer trophy were displayed and admired before the winner was announced in a very close competition.  There were so many prizes that many people went back for further nourishment before all the tickets were drawn and cash prizes delivered to the lucky winners.  It was a great night!  If you want some tips on how to organize and conduct a great fundraiser, contact Ray Casteen, President of the Brunswick County Sporting Dog Association.  Ray will downplay his personal contributions and tell you it could have been better.  From my viewpoint, this event gets better every year.  Congratulations, guys!