House Bill #648 “Responsible Deer Hunting” was filed late Thursday afternoon, April 6, 2017 by Representatives Chris Malone and Jay Adams. This is the “big one” we knew was coming.  It will be “read in” on Monday evening, April 10th, and assigned to one or more House committees for consideration.  This is the beginning of the process for any new piece of legislation being considered by the NC General Assembly.  Read the filed version of this bad dog bill here.  Any bill must be considered by one chamber (in our case, the House) by being discussed and studied through the committee system.  At some point, one or more committees must vote on the bill.  Any bill can be rejected, amended, or stalled temporarily or permanently.  If the committee votes result in a majority of Representatives voting “yes” in support, the bill can eventually proceed to the full House for a vote by the full chamber.  If HB#648 were to get to a vote in the full House and were to pass the required two votes, then the bill passes to the other chamber (in this case, the Senate).  The committee review process is repeated in the Senate.  Joe McClees has long observed, “There is only one way to pass a bill, but a thousand ways to kill one.” In the coming days, we will have many opportunities to kill HB#648, and we need your help.

First, join the NC Sporting Dog Association for 2017.  Clubs are the backbone of our coalition.  We need your individual memberships.  Encourage others to join.  We must work together to preserve our hunting traditions.  We must persuade NC Legislators that thousands of North Carolina dog hunters rely on the Legislature to protect our traditions and our right to hunt with dogs.  Your membership with the NC Sporting Dog Association can help us persuade Representatives and Senators.

Second, read this bill several times until the contents sink in.  HB#648 is a terrible bill.  If passed, it would RUIN deer dog hunting in North Carolina.  Familiarize yourself with every section of HB#648.  Call Joe & Henri if you have questions.  We are happy to discuss HB#648 in detail.

Third, in the coming days when we know the direction of HB#648, we will let you know how you can help by communicating with Representatives.

HB#648 is the worst bill we have encountered in a long time.  HB#648 cannot be taken lightly.  Keep in touch with us.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards, Joe and Henri McClees